13 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About St Lucia

  • St Lucia is the small but beautiful home of The Landings Spa & Beach Resort.

The island of St Lucia is truly enchanting. Warm, welcoming and breathtakingly beautiful, it’s become a favourite destination and investment hotspot for people all over the world. Despite its small size, the island has a fascinating history and there’s lots of surprising things to learn about it.

One of our favourite facts about St Lucia is that it’s home to The Landings Spa & Beach Resort, where there are opportunities for you to invest in 5* beachfront real estate and experience the magic of this Caribbean paradise for yourself. Here are 13 more surprising facts you might not have heard before!

  1. In country terms – it’s tiny. Just 27 miles long and 14 miles across at its widest point with an area of 238.23 square miles. To put that in perspective, London alone is 607 square miles, meaning that St Lucia could fit inside it 2 and a half times!

St Lucia is the small but beautiful home of The Landings Spa & Beach Resort.

  1. It takes its name from Saint Lucy of Syracuse. French sailors gave the island its title because they were shipwrecked there on December 13th – St. Lucy’s Feast Day.
  2. Saint Lucy represents some unusual things. She’s the patron saint of the blind, martyrs, epidemics, salesmen, throat infections and writers. Quite the repertoire.
  3. St Lucia earned the nickname “Helen of the West Indies” due to the fact that it changed hands between the French and English an incredible 14 times between the 17th and early 18th centuries.
  4. It earned its independence from the British on February 22nd 1979, but as a Commonwealth realm, shares Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state and reigning monarch.
  5. The island was once known for producing sugar cane, but following the abolition of slavery in 1934 many of the fields were converted for banana production. Today, bananas serve as St Lucia’s number one export and are often sold to UK supermarkets.

Bananas are the main export of St Lucia.

  1. The most famous St Lucia landmark is the Pitons, two mountains formed by volcanic activity many years ago. The Pitons are so significant that they’re featured on the Island’s flag and have a local beer named after them.
  2. St Lucia is home to the world’s only “drive-in volcano,” so named because you can drive right up to the edge of the sulphur springs that were formed more than 400,000 years ago by an upheaval of lava pushing through a weak spot in the earth’s crust.
  3. With two Nobel prize winners coming from the Island, it boasts the second highest ratio of Nobel laureates compared to the total population. The winners are Sir Arthur Lewis who was given the award for his work in Economics in 1979, and poet Derek Walcott who received his in Literature in 1992.
  4. To this day, it is against the law to wear camouflage clothing in St Lucia. The ruling even applies to children.
  5. There are no daily newspapers in St Lucia, though The Voice and The Star publish issues three times per week.
  6. Despite the official language of St Lucia being English, a local dialect of French known as creole or patois is spoken by 95% of the population.
  7. Once known as “Iouanalao” meaning “The Land of the Iguanas” by early Arawak settlers from South America, due to the island’s high number of — you guessed it — iguanas.

St Lucia is home to many wild iguanas.

Now you’re equipped with some insider knowledge and interesting anecdotes to tell your friends, perhaps you’d like to get up close and personal with St Lucia with a visit to The Landings Spa & Beach Resort. If you’re looking for an exclusive investment opportunity and would like to view our 5* beachfront properties, an inspection visit would be ideal.

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