5 Unmissable St Lucia Experiences

  • With masses of glorious coral reefs close to the coast, St Lucia is a dream destination for scuba divers.

With the incredible facilities available at The Landings Resort & Spa, there’s every chance you may never feel the need to venture beyond the gates during your visit, but you’d be missing out on some unforgettable St Lucia experiences if you didn’t.

Truthfully, every time you choose to explore the Island of St Lucia is an opportunity for adventure and a chance to discover something new, whether it be a delicious meal or a natural wonder.

These five experiences are our favourite, and the ones that we urge all St Lucia visitors and The Landings Resort & Spa residents to try at least once. You’ll be rewarded with cherished memories and (if you take the time to snap a few shots) some seriously enviable Instagram posts.

The Landings Resort & Spa has access to beautiful landscape views.

Rainforest Zip Line Tour

St Lucia’s beautiful rainforests can be enjoyed from the ground with nature trails, which we highly recommend, but for a much more unique view, you simply have to try zip lining through the tree canopy. Unleash your inner Tarzan (or Jane!) and get a whole new perspective on the rainforest with an added injection of adrenaline. You could even make this a fun outing to try with your new friends at The Landings Resort & Spa. There’s nothing like excitement for bonding!

The current price for the experience is $80 (around £60) and you can even add a round-trip transfer directly from the Landings Resort & Spa.


Whale Watching

The warm, turquoise waters of St Lucia are a haven for dolphins, and you’ll see them leaping from the surface of the water at all times of the year. However, during the slightly cooler period between October and February, you can spot pods of whales who have migrated down from the Arctic to breed.

Cetaceans, the group of mammals that includes whales, dolphins and porpoises, perform a startling array of behaviours at the surface of the water. These include spyhopping, where the animal will raise its head out of the water to observe its surroundings, tail-slapping, which involves raising the tail from the water and “slapping” the surface, and everyone’s favourite, breaching, which is the name given to a leap which results in the entire body clearing the water.

Don’t forget to compare photos with your neighbours at The Landings Resort & Spa when you return — a perfectly timed shot of a breach will give you serious bragging rights!

There are lots of tour operators that can arrange a whale-watching trip for you, so be sure to shop around and see which one appeals the most.


Visit the World’s Only Drive-In Volcano

This particular attraction is world-famous and is a huge tourist draw. The Soufriere drive-in volcano last erupted almost 300 hundred years ago and is considered dormant, so there’s no need to worry about molten rock threatening the fun. What remains are the amazing sulphur springs, filled with rejuvenating, hot mud.

This attraction is world-famous and loved by celebrities.

The mud baths have plenty of fans around the world, including celebrities. Both Richard Branson and Oprah have visited. The latter has even declared St Lucia to be a destination that everyone should visit at least once in their lives! Round off your relaxing day by discussing it over cocktails in one of The Landings Resort & Spa’s bars.


Scuba Diving

Whether you’re a scuba diving aficionado or you’ve never even pulled on a pair of flippers, diving in St Lucia is an unmissable experience for all. With masses of beautiful coral reefs teeming with life just offshore and warm, crystal-clear waters, the Island is one of the best places for diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean, if not the world.

Expect to see a rainbow of tropical fish, seahorses, octopuses, lobsters, rays and gentle sea turtles all with a background of complex corals, swaying anemones and fluorescent sponges.

It’s the perfect opportunity to try your hand at a little underwater photography and show off to your friends at The Landings Resort & Spa.

With masses of glorious coral reefs close to the coast, St Lucia is a dream destination for scuba divers.

Explore Pigeon Island National Park


If you’re looking for a more relaxed experience that will really allow you to soak up the culture and history of St Lucia, look no further than Pigeon Island National Park. Featuring military building ruins and encompassing two white-sand beaches, there’s no shortage of sites to explore. You can walk freely through the park taking in the variety of tropical flora and fauna, and check in at the Interpretation Centre, where you can learn more about the area’s significance. Just adjacent to the centre is the Pigeon Island shop where you can pick up souvenirs, books and guides.

The park is just a few minutes drive from The Landings Resort & Spa, so you could easily choose to make your trip a half-day excursion and be home in time for lunch!

If you would like to plan an inspection visit to the The Landings Resort and Spa so you can experience these adventures for yourself, or have any questions about the Island of St Lucia, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today.