A Snippet of The History of Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay is one of the most beautiful on the island, but it is only recently that this place became so developed. Thirty years ago, St Lucia real estate was in its infancy and Marigot Bay looked completely different... View Article

Honouring The Cocoa Bean on St Lucia

Who doesn’t love chocolate? St Lucia is famous for its chocolate production. So revered is it that every year in August, the island enjoys a month long celebration of this delicious commodity. View Article

Getting to Grips with Mango Cutting

Blessed with an incredible amount of natural produce, St Lucia is an island of intense culinary richness. One of my favourite fruits grown here is the mango. As they are infamously tough to cut with any finesse, I want to offer you some useful tips. View Article

Feasting on Lionfish in St Lucia

Excited about getting to grips with the finer things in life now that you have invested in St Lucia real estate? Then start with lionfish. Despite its controversial reputation, you won’t be disappointed. View Article